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Bilingual Sales Representative

I have an extensive background in real estate marketing working with home builders and a strong passion for negotiation. I became a realtor in 2011. Along the way, I co-founded the Mink Group as I understand the force of teamwork. Our unique boutique size team is composed of 4 unique individuals all bringing our own set of expertise and together we better serve our clients.

My specialty is focused around busy move-up families looking to live in family-friendly Burlington neighbourhouds. I've developed the House Blend method for an easy and stress-free experience. 

You can also find my monthly real estate Market Update in simple words, by clicking here.



Staged & Styled Home Co.

I have a need to create and design personally and professionally.  I originally started a small staging company to serve real estate clients in 2014. Over the years  I teamed up with my very talented friend and colleague Ashlee McLean. Together we have found a HOME for our shared love of making interiors beautiful. It had become clear to us not only we were staging homes for our clients to sell but we were helping many clients decorate and even renovate their homes once they move in. From consults, to concepts, to creation - small renovations, colour consultations, furnishing & styling rooms, laying out floorplans, we created Staged & Styled Home Co.



SYNC new homes sales.

SYNC Sales is a sales management firm for home-builders of all sizes. We’re a ready-made sales force focused on optimizing sales operations across the industry. We package leading edge sales strategy, customer experience design and rich data -- to reinvent how builders sell in Canada. We're the link between marketing and customers. We SYNC your business by becoming Subject Matter Experts in your product and brand.



I am an entrepreneur at heart.

I was born in Marketing! My dad gave me the passion as a Marketing Director he would brain storm with us over the weekend on names and brands for new products for his company! So of course Marketing is what I studied in school which I think is the basis for the success of any small business/entrepreneur - if you do not have a good brand or story, how can you succeed. It is what represents who you are fundamentally. I love creating and developing new brands. As I grow and develop new business ventures I like to design the brand so I can fully immerse myself in what I will be offering. I understand the importance of proper positioning, design and message. This is why I co-founded the Mink Group, Staged & Styled and SYNC a new home sales team servicing home builders in the GTA West.

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